OUR MISSION: To offer students the most absorbing and concise Alabama State-approved real estate license courses and curriculum, delivered in the most engaging and efficient way, to any and all students with Internet access.

Step 1: Alabama Salesperson Pre-License Course

Everyone wishing to become a real estate agent must first complete the required 60-hour Alabama Salesperson Pre-License Course at a licensed school. Being the foundation of a real estate career, the pre-license course focuses mainly on real estate concepts and theory and Alabama rea

All students must attend ninety percent (90%) of the class instruction time and pass the final exam with a minimum score of eighty percent (85%). After passing this course, the student is referred to as a “real estate candidate” and may take the state licensing exam.

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Step 2: Alabama Salesperson Post-License Course

After passing the state licensing exam, students must take the required 30-hour Alabama Salesperson Post-License Course. While the pre-license course focused on theory, the post-license course prepares students to be successful real estate students and concentrates on “real world” experiences and situations. Think of it as “real estate agent boot camp”!

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Step 3: Continuing Education

Every two years on the even-numbered years, each real estate agent must complete 15 hours of required continuing education. While six of the required hours must be Level 1 & Level 2 Risk Management, agents are free to take the remaining nine hours of state-approved electives of their choice.

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